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Lake Jocassee is a 7,500-acre (30 km2),385-foot,(117 m) deep reservoir located in northwest South Carolina created by the state in partnership with Duke Power in 1973. The lake is commonly known for the clean and cold Appalachian mountain rivers that feed the lake, keeping its waters cool and water visibilities clear...

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This Week on Lake Jocassee – June 29

HOT! most everywhere in the Upstate, but not too bad on the lake. It helps to get in the water though. The water temperature remains below 80 degrees, just right ...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – June 22

THEAT WAVE! I heard about it, but I just couldn’t find it anywhere on Lake Jo. Not getting any hotter than 90 degrees on the lake, and a cool 77 degrees in the water, the heat wave went right over ...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – June 15

THE THRILL OF DISCOVERY. That's how it feels, spying the June flowers of a basswood tree hanging over the water's edge, busy with the workings of hundreds of bees. ...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – June 8

THUNDERSTORMS! My goodness, summer doesn’t sneak in with a whisper around here, not up against the Blue Wall. Hours of rain, tons of wind, lightning that blinded the night sky, thunder that scared ...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – June 1

SIGHTINGS.  Early morning. One lone mature eagle, circling, not soaring, clearly eyeing something tasty in the water. He dove, talons out. He missed. A dozen cormorants, resting on the yellow buoy ...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – May 25

QUIET. Not at our house, just a half mile from the ramp at Devils Fork State Park, in a neighborhood of mixed woods and cleared fields. Our birds wake and wake us quite early. At 6 am sharp, to be ...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – May 18

SIGHTINGS: Early morning, at the dock. Turkey vultures roosting on one tree, black vultures on another, a raven perched on the dock’s iron hand rail. Overhead, a pterodactyl (Great blue heron) floa...

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