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Lake Jocassee

Lake Jocassee is a 7,500-acre (30 km2),385-foot,(117 m) deep reservoir located in northwest South Carolina created by the state in partnership with Duke Power in 1973. The lake is commonly known for the clean and cold Appalachian mountain rivers, that feed the lake to keep its waters cool and clear water visibilities...

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The Blue Wall Weekly

ETV Public Radio - Your Day

Join us for a radio broadcast tour of Lake Jocassee and the Jocassee Gorges aboard the pontoon boat of Master Naturalists Brooks and Kay Wade, co-owners of Jocassee Lake Tours, and the South Carolina DNR. The Jocassee Gorges was recently named one of "50 of the World's Last Great Places" by National Geographic Magazine. Your Day is an hour long public radio daily news show broadcast throughout South Carolina from its studios at Clemson University.

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This Week on Lake Jocassee – April 14

THERE ARE NO SEASONS.  A blunt statement, no doubt, but you’d just have to be here. We have gone from a leafless forest to a near full unfurling of spring in just a week or two. ...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – April 7

ALMOST 80! It’s nearly here. That’s swimming season on Lake Jocassee, of course. Call me crazy but when it hits 80 degrees on a sunny day, it’s time to immerse. ...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – March 31

SNOW! FIRE! WIND! Snow. On Tuesday, March 25. Snow. Not to let nature outdo the works of man, the DNR conducted controlled burns during the week in the Jocassee Gorges, enshrouding the lake in whit...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – March 24

NO LEAVES YET, but that’s alright with me. There will be plenty of time to watch the wonder of newborn leaves unfurling to embrace the new-found warmth of spring. ...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – March 17

OVERBOARD. That’s what some friends called me lately, referring to my passion for wintering loons on Lake Jocassee. I don’t mean just regular friends either, but some of my serious birding friends!...

This Week on Lake Jocassee – March 10

FREEZING RAIN. It’s 5am on the morning of March 7, and I’m busy Googling the difference between freezing rain and sleet, one of which is happening just outside my door. ...

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