We offer the best kayaks for rent on Lake Jocassee. They’re roomy, safe, stable, and track true on our wide-open waters. Our fleet has both touring and sit-on-top kayaks to choose from. Look over the choices, then we will help you choose the model that best suits your interests and paddling skills.

Flex 11 Kayaks: $45 per day, $30 each additional day

Easky and Delphin Kayaks: $60 per day, $45 each additional day

Single Sit-On-Top Kayaks: $45 per day, $30 each additional day

All Tandem Kayaks: $60 per day, $45 each additonal day
We provide all you need for your day on the lake, including PFD's with a whistle, paddles,  and a map of Lake Jocassee. We will meet you at the boat ramp, go over the map, answer any questions you may have and send you on your way.


Venture Flex 11

Stable, spacious and reliable, the Flex 11 is designed with families in mind. In rough water or calm, you will always feel safe and secure. The Flex 11 is our fastest, most maneuverable kayak, yet it is plenty stable and roomy. It comes with an integrated skeg for tracking, a roomy cockpit, a rear hatch for ample dry storage, and a very comfortable, adjustable seat with backrest. Kids paddle this boat with ease! It’s our best boat for ambitious paddlers as well, who want to wander far and wide in the wilds of Lake Jocassee.


Venture Easky 13

For our taller and larger paddlers, the Easky 13 is just right.The Easky 13 is extremely stable, forgiving and has a good turn of speed for a kayak at this length. Its predictable and easy going feel will give hours of gentle touring around inshore coastal areas and on inland waters, perfect for those people who are totally new to kayaking or wish to just simply explore the recreational environment at their ease. Enhanced standard features vastly improve the overall performance, function and comfort of this kayak. These features include a unique, patented flip-top backrest, a fully adjustable footrest system, a paddle park, two spacious hatches, foam bulkheads, bow deck elastics, and full deck lines featuring updated RDFs. It’s our best boat for ambitious paddlers as well, who want to wander far and wide in the wilds of Lake Jocassee.


Delphin 155

This new P&H Delphin 155 turns traditional sea kayak design on its head and challenges many preconceived ideas of how a sea kayak should look and behave. The cockpit has been moved backwards and the stern squared off so the bow just kisses the water, but when paddling, the stern engages and aids tracking. This combination is unique to the Delphin, creating a kayak that is long enough to paddle like a traditional sea kayak on flat water, with enough speed to keep up with the pack. It transforms into a new genre of free-ride sea kayak when it hits moving water, coming alive in tide races, over falls and surging water. It’s one of our best boat for ambitious paddlers as well, who want to wander far and wide in the wilds of Lake Jocassee.


Tandem Sit In Pamlico 135T

Looking for a two person kayak? This best-selling tandem offers performance for pairs. The tandem outfitting system offers upgraded seating and adjustability options for more comfort and customization than ever before!


FeelFree Juntos

The Juntos is a very stable, very safe single sit-on-top kayak, designed with enough room for your pet or child. It’s a great all around boat, suitable for touring, nature watching, fishing, swimming and snorkeling. With its ‘wheel in the keel’, it is easy to get down to the water and launch. At 11’3”, it cuts through the water nicely. It comes with lots of room for dry storage, 2 rod holders, and even a water bottle holder!



FeelFree Corona

Safe and stable, the Corona tandem sit-on-top kayak is especially designed for couple or family paddling. There is room enough for 3 adults, or 2 adults plus a child or pet. And although it’s a tandem, one person can paddle it with ease, leaving plenty of room for kids, pets, fishing gear, or camping gear and supplies. It comes equipped with 2 rod holders, 2 dry storage compartments, a ‘wheel in the keel’ for ease of launching, and even a water bottle holder!. Like the Juntos, it’s great for touring, nature watching, fishing, swimming and snorkeling.

Astral V-eight PFD

The unique and necessary life-vests, using the best and most environmentally considerate materials we can find. PFDs to keep you safe and comfortable, respecting the natural relationship between your body, boat, and climate.


Astral V-eight PFD Overview Video

The V-Eight is the world's first breathable life vest, featuring Astral's exclusive Airescape technology. This PFD is a great example of the unique, necessary and deliberate designs Astral is known for.


Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Fiberglass Kayak Paddle

The Sting Ray Fiberglass kayak paddle features a versatile and popular blade shape for flat and slow moving water. With a fiberglass shaft to help reduce fatigue and strain and our new stiffer, lighter abXII blades, this is a great recreational paddle.


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