"The 2020 loon research project organized by Jocassee Wild was one of the most interesting experiences I have had.  It was my first time but the leaders were patient and kind, bringing me up to speed.  I was able to offer meaningful input to the research project.  I love loons, and saw more of them and watched them more closely than at any other time or location.  In spite of the cold and occasional rain, it was lots of fun.  The food was outstanding and they were extremely accommodating to my wheat allergy.  The schedule allowed plenty time to get ready before and rest after each day’s observations (5-6 hours on the lake).  On top of that, it is a gorgeous location.  I will definitely go again."
April Swanson, South Carolina


"I spent a week at Lake Jocassee on the loon research project in February 2020 and hope to return again next year! It was a great experience in a beautiful place with passionate, educated scientists and enthusiasts! The lodging was great (well appointed cabins on Lake Jocasse), the food was delicious, the loons were amazing, the research was fun and interesting. I loved beingout in the very comfortable pontoon boats on beautiful Lake Jocassee all day. Many thanks to Brooks and all of the staff for their knowledge, enthusiasm and graciousness. I highly recommend the experience for any loon/nature/science lovers. Warm clothes needed!"

Nancy Carlson- Colorado

"You will be an immensely lucky loonatic to join Brooks and company for the best week on Lake Jocassee. This is what you will find: the mostknowledgeable, enthused and sharing people on planet earth about loons (and other birds); great food, fresh air that makes you happy to be alive, a breathtaking corner of the world that few get to see, comfortable and scenic accommodations, and much more. I was one of the fortunate ones this year and hope to return."

Donna Rosenberg, England/Canada

"Thank you for including me in the loon research project this year. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about my favorite birds on their wintering area! It was great to have people along that knew so much about the common loons and were so willing to share the information and answer questions. The accommodations  were great, beds comfortable and the food terrific. The schedule each day worked well and information was given out so everyone knew where to be at the appropriate time. The State Park was beautiful and I enjoyed hearing the history of the area as well. The boats we used for observation were nice and had plenty of room for everyone.  I would highly recommend Jocassee Wild to anyone that enjoys outdoor activities!" 

Luanne Jaruzel, Michigan

"I came to participate in the Loon Study with no prior experience with Loons.  I learned so much and left being a Loon lover.  The people I met were the best and shared their knowledge and passion for this unique bird.  The staff from Jocassee Lake Tours made us all feel welcome and made sure we enjoyed the week.  The food was excellent. The cabins at Devils Fork State Park we’re comfortable and spacious." 

Peggy Greaves- South Carolina

"The  Jocassee Lake winter loon research project was an incredible experience!  Brooks, Kay and their staff were exceptional hosts, making everyone’s enjoyment & comfort a priority.  The expertise of Dr. Mager and other loon & naturalist experts offered ongoing learning for all throughout the week.   Although the focus is on the magnificent loon species, participants learn much about other habitants of the unique ecosystem on Lake Jocassee.  I highly recommend this experience!"

Sandy Griffin- New York

"Highly recommended! I spent a week helping conduct loon research it was one of the most rewarding weeks I have had in years. This was a true learning sabbatical where you got to learn firsthand from published ornithologists, biological researchers and from loon experts across the country. I was the least knowledgeable about loons in the group and had an amazing experience. From someone ‘local’ it is fascinating to learn how these critical indicator species birds winter in our backyard and prepare for migration. If you want to learn more about loons, learn about how citizen science can support real science studies or just learn about our amazing ecosystems we have right here in the Upstate, you won’t be disappointed investing a week with Brooks and Kay Wade and Jocassee Wild. Plus, Brooks made it very easy for local residents to participate. Unforgettable experience. Can’t wait until next year."

Traci BeGole, Georgia


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