Waking up  
Mica-the-wonder-dog has lured me outside for our daily walk, but she’s abandoned me to sprint after a flock of turkeys. At the intersection, I sit to wait out her futile chase. As my breathe grows quiet, a rustle of activity beneath fallen leaves captures my attention. A soft sound, scratchy, and not a solitary sound but a whole symphony of movement beneath the leaves on this cool spring afternoon. The ground is alive with… something.  Is there an audible sound to the growth of trees? Can we hear mycelium running? Or is it the sound of a world of insects waking from winter rest, morphing from larva to bug? Or all of that, together? Mica bounds back, interrupting the pleasant reverie with panting in my ear. “Let’s go!” She nudges me and the micro-sound is lost to the sound of foot-fall through winter-dried woods. ~K

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