Critters on the move!

Ooooo… it’s not sssafe to go outside if you’re afraid of things that buzz, bite, slither, swim, scamper, crawl, fly, prowl, or growl. Critters of all kinds are on the move. Humans--which have the potential to be the scariest critters of all--are arriving at Caesars Head and Sassafras Mountain for the annual Hawk Watch. The first couple of monarch butterflies have drifted across Lake Jocassee. There have been recent loon sightings on Jocassee and Lake Keowee. This week we watched a bobcat catch its lunch; we watched otters play. Bald eagle sightings are more frequent. Soon enough we’ll hear reports of a deer swimming across the lake, or maybe a black bear. Spiderlings are catching early morning and late afternoon breezes to drift away on their gossamer threads. Collectively, we bid summer a fond farewell.~K