When I see a small bird in pursuit of the hawk, I wonder. Did the hawk just rob a nest to feed his young, or is the smaller bird defending its airspace? When a wasp stings because I was too close to its nest, I wonder. Was it really so angry? Was I really a threat? When an ant struggles over one hundred yards of difficult pathway with a morsel of food three times its size, I wonder. Is there not a better source of food? Or does the ant work so hard out of blind devotion to its queen, and has she ordered a special diet for this day? When a spider builds its web across my path every single day, and I walk into it every single day, is that spider stupid? Or am I? When I try to shoo a snake from my path and it coils and hisses, is this a power play? (If so, snake wins.) When the curious carpenter bee hovers in front of my face, is it trying to tell me something I’m too dense to comprehend? I wonder. ~K