Between cold weather, and holidays, and rainy weather, and company vacation, and more cold weather, it was gratifying to finally pull off a tour of Lake Jocassee with a boat full of people. Even more gratifying was the number of friends, some of whom we haven’t seen in years, some of whom are brand new friends, who braved a day on the lake when temperature only briefly broke about 50 degrees. They arrived in warm hats and multiple layers; we provided extra blankets and hand warmers. (And, finally, at the very end, we remembered the much-appreciated hot chocolate, thanks to a reminder from our friend Jay.) They came, ostensibly, for the Loons and winter waterbirds (plentiful) and Bald Eagles (absent… perhaps enjoying a day trip to a nearby locale), and waterfalls (impressively full of winter rain), but we think they really came out for the love of Jocassee. Jocassee is the same physical place in winter but the visceral experience is totally different. We welcome the return of friends, and look forward to seeing more of you soon! ~K