Spring came early this year, then it left. The flowers on the puncatum rhododendrons were starting to bloom weeks ago, just to be knocked back by a hard frost. But spring is back now, on this 47 th celebration of Home. The rhododendron minus is exploding, filled with flowers and swollen buds. Mountain laurel is blooming all along the roadside and on the lake shore. Yellow buckeye is flowering in the forest understory, with black locust flowering overhead. And the rains! Oh, the wonderful rains of spring. The waterfalls are engorged, and everywhere along the shore water is flushing into the lake. The problem with spring is it is hard to get anywhere. Every cove along the lake shore is filled with flowering plants, every backwater filled with the sounds of migratory songbirds.  Eagles overhead, loons still most everywhere, new flowering plants to watch for most every time we go onto the lake. There is nothing quite like spring on Lake Jocassee.
BLOOM REPORT. Blooming now: short-leaf rhododendrons, mountain laurel, black locust, sassafras, tulip poplar, dog hobble, faded trillium, violets, doll's eye, Jack-in-the-pulpit, foam flower, branch lettuce, and crossvine.
EAGLE REPORT. No chick in sight yet, but surely it must be time!
LOON REPORT. Just as I think the spring migration is done, a new batch of loons arrive. This week’s daily afternoon thunderstorms seem to be bringing them down early in the day.
SWIMMER’S REPORT. It’s Earth Day today, with the prediction of temperatures in the mid-80’s. Need I say more.~B



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