That has been the online forecast all week. Well, of course there is a chance of thunderstorms! It’s summer, for pete’s sake. I’m quite convinced Weather People post this and then promptly take off for their summer vacations. And yet, folks see that and stay away from our area lakes, including Lake Jocassee. So what did they miss this week? The most beautiful skies of the summer, and the most beautiful end of day light of the year. Without exception all the thunderstorms this week occurred after 2pm, and were mostly spent by early evening. My advice to the reticent is to read the details of your favorite online weather site, not just the bold print, and avoid TV weather people altogether. Drama queens, the lot of them.
Barred owl photo by Diane Mohr
EAGLES AND OWL REPORT. Not just one, but two eaglets are standing tall at the nest along the Toxaway Narrows. They’re as big as their parents! It should be plenty noisy this week with the sounds of screeching eagle young’uns, fussing loudly for more food. The Cascade Ravine lies at the other end of the lake, and shields from view one of Lake Jo’s most beautiful hidden waterfalls. Every now and then a Barred owl flies in, just as we are resting there, and lights on a limb for all to see. It’s been a few months since I last saw him, so it was good to have him back.
    Big bald eagle babies!

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Mostly Clear


Salem, SC

Mostly Clear

Humidity: 64%

Wind: 14 mph

  • 26 Jun 2017

    Mostly Sunny 82°F 62°F

  • 27 Jun 2017

    Scattered Thunderstorms 75°F 62°F

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