It’s been a great week for cloud-watching. We begin the morning with overcast skies until the rising sun dries up lingering moisture to reveal bright blue.  Wispy, delicate cirrus clouds are painted with the lightest of brush strokes to the south. As the sun rises, clumpy cumulous clouds hang low over the horizon above the Blue Wall, forming a line from east to west. Temperature rises along with the sun, and along with the rising crescendo of cicadas strumming in the trees. We seek shady relief from the heat as the sun crosses from morning to high noon. The clouds grow and cloud shadows drift across the mountains. As afternoon progresses so do the clouds, forming thick, multi-layered stratocumulus clumps. Sunlight breaks through in irregular streams, illuminating them from within. Rain lets loose across a distant valley, moves across the lakes, moves away. The air cools, the sky clears, and the evening is fresh and beautiful.~K

Mostly Clear


Salem, SC

Mostly Clear

Humidity: 64%

Wind: 14 mph

  • 26 Jun 2017

    Mostly Sunny 82°F 62°F

  • 27 Jun 2017

    Scattered Thunderstorms 75°F 62°F

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