There are some people – and other species too, I imagine – who can tilt their ears towards a bird singing in the woods, and tell you what bird it is. They can tell you not only genus and species, but whether we’re hearing a mating call, distress, or chit-chat. Hats off to these people. I love to hang out with them. I do well to distinguish between bird and squirrel and insect. When I hang out with these people they are so patient, repeating for me the same, simple pattern the birds sing until the proverbial light bulb goes on and I can finally relate a bird to at least one of its songs. Trust me, I’m not good at this. But early in May I’ll show up for a talk on Spring Songbird Migration in the Jocassee Gorges, and with any luck I’ll spend a couple of days with the Blue Wall Birding Festival the following week, and maybe I can learn a little more about these winged creatures that share my world from these patient humans who get to know them. ~K
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