I travel for birds. I suspect many of our readers do too. I went this past week to Florida’s northern gulf coast, to watch loons begin their spring migration by flying over the vast salt marshes of the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge at first light, some of them surely coming our way. I was there to share the wonder with my friend and loon biologist extraordinaire Paul Spitzer. Just down the road from the refuge is Tate’s Hell Swamp and the Crooked River, where later in the morning I watched swallow-tailed kites dive though the forest canopy, gathering Spanish moss and twigs to build their nest. A day could not be made more full, unless it was at Jocassee, listening to and watching loons depart en masse at dawn. That’s my next assignment. Rising early each day for the next couple of weeks, off in hopes of being there for one of this region’s greatest natural events - the explosive departure of hundreds of loons from the lake, so early in the morning one can barely see them. It will leave you breathless.~B

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