Trica Kyzer
 I wanted to share this photo of a flame azalea I found going into Wright Creek Falls. I was keeping an eye out and there it was. Perfect time to catch it too, with fresh brilliantly flamey flowers. Pinxters, rhodo minus and mountain laurel are also blooming. A guest caught a very well camouflaged little green heron with her eagle eyes. It hopped along a high tree limb and then flew from tree to tree like a forest bird. It was crazy and crazy hard to see!
There is a beautiful yellow iris in bloom on the left side going into the Horsepasture River when the bridge is in sight. Don't know if it is native. Also heard my first indigo bunting of the season there yesterday. And first Devils Fork wood thrush. Black locusts blooms are scentalicious right now as well as deeelicious! We all sampled the flowers on the boat and then I took some home to test out the Italian battered method. It was delicious and made my dinner so fancy. All the saxifrages are blooming beautifully as well. On our way in from a tour we saw a bin of loons mid-day in the basin, fishing and stretching their wings and looking quite dapper. Earlier in the week I saw a broad winged hawk up close and personal, and a juvenile bald eagle fishing, but all was quiet on that front yesterday. More of a crow and turkey vulture kind of day. Everyday is a good day to be on Jocassee! ~ Tricia Kyzer