Jocassee Green

I like to call the remarkable color of the water at Jocassee, ‘Jocassee Green’. Jocassee Green is mystical. It is like a shape-shifter, but in color. It is a color swatch that has many shades of the same base color. In the deep, shady coves there is rhododendron green. All along the shorelines tall with white pines, there is pine green. When the water is shallow and the white sand shines up through the water, there is stunning jade green. Then there is Jocassee storm green. I call this swatch Florida Keys green, but instead of reefs beneath us, there are mountain ridges and lagoons of rock thick with bream, red-eye bass, slider turtles, and sunfish swimming all around. There is the low contrast green, covered in a layer of bright morning light, almost appearing white. There is the sparkling green when diamonds of light shimmer on the surface of the water. The water on Jocassee speaks the language of green.It’s not just the water that speaks green here, though. There is the calico green woven by this dense Southern Appalachian forest with nearly 100 species of trees. There is the cheerful green of ferns dappled on the forest floor, liverworts dripping with emerald green in the spray of a waterfall, the mint green of tufts of reindeer lichens placed on mountains of rock, the patchy green of the salamander as if he has stood still long enough to become a canvas for crusty lichens, the green in the piercing reflective glare of a bobcat’s eyes deep in a mountain cave. Everywhere green. And all these shades of green wash down from the gorges and are released into these Jocassee Green waters that we immerse ourselves in.~Tricia Kyzer