If you come out with us at any given time of the year, you’ll see a big waterfall or two while you’re here, but one thing I find fun to do is to stop at what JLT guide, Cap'n Dan calls "Trickle" falls. This tiny falls can be found on the right shoreline as you head into the Horsepasture basin, (Laurel Fork side of the basin) on the upper lake. This is an excellent falls for those timid souls... especially wee ones who I encourage to put their hands into the cool, falling water. You can gently rest the front of the pontoon against the rock wall and let kids of all ages get up close and personal with this falls. There's branch lettuce and native coral bells growing on the rock, lots of Rhododendrons around to admire, and the morning sun comes streaming through the branches above the stream, illuminating all the spider webs in the trees, making the trapped moisture glisten and sparkle in the light. If you look up the hill on the left side of the wall, there's a beautiful tree, sitting on top of a rock, like it's the guardian of the mountain. The cameras come out and the wows, oohs and ahhs put a smile on everyone's face. Now, the deep water beneath the boat breaks the fall of the stream that once flowed freely into the valley below. I can’t help but imagine what that looked like. Oh to have seen it then! ~ Sheryl White, JLT Guide