This past Wednesday, as part of our Jocassee Wild Naturalist course, we had the pleasure of spending the day with Dr. John Hains, retired Clemson professor and former biologist with Duke Power Company. Stream and Lake Ecology was the subject of the day. After a short classroom session we headed out on the lake. The weather was perfect as we explored and learned about Jocassee’s spillway, dam, water intakes, some of the data that Duke Energy collects from their research buoys and Bad Creek Hydropower Plant. We took a short hike along the Thompson River where Dr. Hains discussed the numerous habitats where so many species live; explaining just how biologically rich and diverse this area is. So many great questions were answered, new friends made and fun was had by all. Thank you again Dr. Hains for sharing your knowledge with us. Each of us use this lake in different ways for different reasons, from fishing to paddling, swimming, waterfall viewing or being shuttled up lake to the Foothills Trail access areas; sometimes forgetting that this "Pump Storage Facility's" main purpose is for cooling waters for the nuclear power plant and hydroelectric power generation, not just our recreation. For those of you who’ve been smitten by Jocassee and want to better understand this fascinating place, join us, become a Jocassee Wild Naturalist. Take one class or the whole course and truly discover the wonders of Jocassee for yourself. ~ Sheryl White, JLT Guide