She’s moody. One minute sunny and serene, the next brooding and dark. You really never know what to expect. It is hard to make plans, harder to keep them. Don’t look at the forecast, it’s guaranteed to be wrong. Jocassee will not be told what to do by any meteorologist or jet stream. No matter how much those foreboding clouds make you want to run back to the dock, no matter how many warnings you are given about the storms on Jocassee, don’t listen to reason. Go ahead, set sail! Do it early and be prepared to shift your route or even better yet, sit in a cove and watch the show in the afternoon. Because the rewards, oh the rewards for sticking it out! Jocassee skies are a wonder on a summer afternoon. A wall of clouds builds and sweeps across the sky, now split - half sunny and half stormy. The water, still lit by the sunny half of the sky, turns ‘Florida Keys’ green, the winds barrel in, and the lake becomes a tempestuous ocean. You find yourself remembering your place on this planet and immersed in a feeling of complete wildness, terrifying and comforting all at once. And just when you aren’t sure how it is all going to turn out, the storm passes and the skies clear, as if nothing had ever happened. If you are really lucky, a rainbow may appear and fall straight into the now calm, clear waters. There is no doubt it lands where there is a true pot of gold down in the Jocassee Valley. ~Tricia Kyzer, JLT guide