Within the last few weeks, several of us with JLT have spent time attending lectures & trainings, some becoming certified SC Adopt- a- Stream volunteers. The goal…to monitor and sample the rivers and streams feeding Lake Jocassee and surrounding areas! Jocassee is one of the first impoundments in the Savannah Watershed. The headwaters start in Jackson & Transylvania counties in N.C., and fall tumultuously through the Jocassee river gorges; tumbling down the escarpment into Lake Jocassee. From there, they flow through a 33.5’ diameter pipe into Lake Keowee, on to Lakes Hartwell, Russell, and Clarks Hill and then down the Savannah River to the final destination, the Atlantic Ocean, via the Savannah Harbor in Georgia. We at JLT continually strive to educate ourselves and our guests about the importance of our water quality & the ecosystems they support. Personally, as a native of Oconee County, I’ve witnessed the growth and changes in the area throughout my life & I’m very grateful to see the number of people involved in educating, instructing, monitoring & protecting these waters. From Dr. C Rhett Jackson, UGA Hydrologist, PE (recent speaker at the Zahner lectures at the Highlands Biological Station); Sierra Hylton, Adopt-A-Stream Program Coordinator Water Quality Division, S.C Department of Health & Environmental Control; Josie Newton, Watershed Scientist for Friends of the Reedy River; Justin, Christy, & the volunteers who took time from their work schedules to attend these trainings & also to Duke Energy, for funding and supplying the sampling kits & supplies necessary for volunteers to sample sites around the state. The Cherokee knew the value of clean water thousands of years ago, it was important then, it’s even more important now. Get involved; let’s take care of it together.
AMA GVNIDA... Cherokee for “Water is Life”
~ Sheryl White, Guide with JLT.