The week that, well, wasn’t. Idalia was big and coming our way, I was sure. After all, as a native island resident from Florida, I know the drill. Candles, batteries, generator. And good spirits! I realize that can be taken more than one way. The storm was due to be in our neighborhood on Wednesday, so surely the day or two before would be affected by it. Actually, I was looking forward to a bit of outer band weather, which can be some of the most pleasant weather there is to experience. Monday was quiet in the morning, and a squall or two in the afternoon. Nothing too powerful, and in no relationship to the storm. It rained most all day on Tuesday, but again not an affect of Idalia. And Wednesday, the day for the big blow? Nada. No wind, no rain, just a uniformly overcast sky. So all preparations for naught. Back goes the canned food, the candles. And the spirits? They’re still high. Early September is pretty dreamy around here. ~B