Late afternoon sun shines bright in the aftermath of a quick, soaking thundershower, and the air is so moisture laden, it's visible. It illuminates a perfect frame of spiderweb recently woven between steps, tree, and porch rail. Smart spider, using the overhang of the human's house's for it's own shelter. A tiny winged insect comes dangerously close. Over on a tree stump, interesting varnished mushrooms have sprouted, and bright orange mushrooms are popping up in the middle of the path. Along the wires of a lightweight fence separating our property from the rest of the world,  a perfect line of raindrops glisten. Along the edge of the woods, pipsissewa flowers (just try to say that word without smiling) are bright little lights against the leaf litter, like twin lanterns on an old-timey lightpost, and on the other side, ghost pipes beckon. A hum of insect noise comes from high in the canopy of trees sated with rain, and these same trees let loose a shower of droplets as we stroll by. What a world.  ~K



Mostly Cloudy


Salem, SC

Mostly Cloudy

Humidity: 100%

Wind: 10 mph

  • 15 Dec 2018

    Rain 52°F 44°F

  • 16 Dec 2018

    Mostly Sunny 60°F 42°F

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