Somedays, I don’t go outside.

Don’t walk the dog. Don’t empty the compost. Don’t run to the Post Office. Don’t do much more than open the front door to gauge weather I deem myself unwilling to enter.

Encounters with nature, on these rare days, might involve watching a stinkbug walk listless circles on the upper edge of a lampshade. Or watering houseplants. Or observing the methodical movements of aquatic snails I took prisoner last year, up and down the wall of their watery glass prison. Or, I might annoy this crazy cellar spider that consistently annoys meby evading my attempts to relocate her.  With a poke in her general direction I send her into spasms of frenzied web-dance, a whirling dervish spider.

Let's just say that being inside does not bring out the best in me. ~K



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