I took an early morning trip uplake


JUNE 1 2020


It sure seems like an early Memorial Day this year.


WE'RE ON AGAIN! What a beautiful weekend to restart our business. Crisp and cool in the mornings, without a breath of wind. Warm and sunny at mid-day, a nicer image of early May could not be drawn. Most folks are functioning with reasonable social distancing awareness. The dock wasn’t crowded and the groups using the grassy berms in the day use area of Devils Fork State Park were keeping a nice and pleasant distance from one another. Flowers, birds, waterfalls and wild rivers dominated the day, not fear. It feels safe here, as it should it such a wild and beautiful place. Not a bad place to be at all in this time of the Covid. ~B



JOCASSEE FISHING ADVENTURES  We are excited to announce our latest adventure offering


  The agony and the ecstasy. someone once wrote.

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