It must take a lot of rain to rain a pelican down on Lake Jocassee

Clearly a record deluge will do it. We’ve had 15 straight days of rain here, stopping on June 1. It’s been the most rain in the Jocassee Gorges in 14 years, since 2004 brought the wrath of Hurricane Ivan. The lake is full, the rivers are flooded and raucous, the waterfalls are gloriously roaring. On May 31 all the JLT guides went out to inspect the results of all this, only to get pounded by the rain’s last big day. 3 hours of solid, powerful inundation. It was awesome! And the first thing we saw? A brown pelican, of course, clearly blown off his course by all this tropical weather. It’s only the second pelican that has ever been recorded on Lake Jocassee. Unfortunately, there are no rain records kept for Lake Jocassee, but here are the numbers for the surrounding Jocassee Gorges area:

Gorges State Park   23 inches
Transylvania County, NC 23.9 inches
Jackson County, NC 19.8 inches
Caesar’s Head State Park 19 inches.

In 15 days. Simply amazing. If you want to see pictures of the lake, the waterfalls and the flooding rivers under siege conditions, go to our Facebook page.
THE SUN, is back. And blue skies. I’ve loved every minute of the rain, every inch of it, but I must admit blue is now my favorite color.

BLOOM REPORT. Purple rhododendron of the small leaf variety, blooming profusely. Don't miss it!

EXPLORER’S REPORT.  Don’t go up the Jocassee rivers. Not just yet. ~B

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Humidity: 18%

Wind: 8.08 m/h

  • 18 Mar 2019

    Mostly Sunny 61°F 38°F

  • 19 Mar 2019

    Partly Cloudy 54°F 36°F


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