Not a drop of rain this week, about as unlikely in Jocassee

Not a drop of rain this week, about as unlikely in Jocassee  as the two weeks prior where it rained every day, nearly all day! It’s been a pleasant reprieve, but I’m ready for some rain again now. The Jocassee rivers have calmed down considerably, and the waterfalls, though still booming, are safe to swim in. The rivers are ready to explore as well, and just in time, as the days are reliably warm now, an essential element for the exploring of the upper reaches of the Jocassee rivers. If you want to experience Jocassee at its wildest, and see the most beautiful places to be found in the Upstate, then you need to join us on one of our river adventure tours. There is nothing quite like it.

KENNY’S BIG DAY. Our wonderful new guide Kenny Brower had the big day this week, seeing a bear swimming across the lake, ospreys harassing a bald eagle, and that same bald eagle catching a fish! Beginner’s luck, I would say.



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Humidity: 18%

Wind: 8.08 m/h

  • 18 Mar 2019

    Mostly Sunny 61°F 38°F

  • 19 Mar 2019

    Partly Cloudy 54°F 36°F


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