It was certainly a loon’s kind of morning this fine Saturday,

just as the rains stopped, right after first light. Standing at the end of the main dock, the lake was enshrouded in fog, the kind of thick fog that beckons loons to wail back and forth to find one another. Hoots were heard as well, as loons just off from the dock were finding their first meal of the day, hooting back and forth, the call loons make when congregating and there is much to share. They were big loons at that-most likely from the Adirondacks. As the loons fed, both Bonaparte’s and Ring-billed gulls hovered overhead, sharing in the bounty. Bonaparte’s make perhaps the strangest of all gull calls, so it’s easy to identify them, even on such foggy mornings. In the distance even an irritated Belted kingfisher could be heard, rattling away, so easily disturbed. ~B
Mostly Cloudy


Salem, SC

Mostly Cloudy

Humidity: 100%

Wind: 10 mph

  • 15 Dec 2018

    Rain 53°F 47°F

  • 16 Dec 2018

    Mostly Sunny 60°F 42°F

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