It’s my lake now, I say to myself this time of year, rather possessively. It’s just those of us who ply the trade of naturalist interpretation with Jocassee Lake Tours, and the bass fishermen. That’s pretty much it on Lake Jo til the Oconee Bells start to bloom in mid-March. Just us and the loons, of course. The sound is silence in winter, and the gentle chit chat of the loons, as they hoot back and forth with one another. The waterfalls are booming, the lake is full and the surface of the lake busy with all the many Jocassee birds of winter. So many folks who have retired here leave for the winter. I counsel all in my path to stay just one winter, and it won’t be your last. The loons will see to that. ~B 

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Phone: 864-280-5501

We depart from the main boat dock at Devils Fork State Park, Salem SC, 28676