And, drums rolling please, the bald eagle count for January 2020 on Lake Jocasse is a healthy 12!

 Last year it was 10, so we’re up two. 6 hours of a slow crawl around the edge of the lake, careful to not miss one and not count one twice. With the leaves down for the winter, the mature eagles are relatively easy to spot, what with their cotton top head and tail, but the immatures not so much. They simply disappear into any foliage remaining on a tree, especially the pines. The eagles weren’t all we counted, of course. The loon count was 105, about the same as last year, and the horned grebe count was 153, again, about the same as last year. These spectacular birds are the joy and the life of the lake in winter. Coming soon: loon molting (February) and bald eagle nesting (April). The wonder continues. ~B


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