It's cold this Saturday morning, but not bitterly so.

The lake effect is moderating the day. No wind to speak of, and plenty of sun, so all in all an entirely pleasant winter day. Loons are just off the dock and at the mouth of the Devils Fork basin, and gulls are aloft. We explored the upper reaches of the lake yesterday with a wonderfully inquisitive group from Clemson OLLI. The loons were scattered throughout the lake, some solidary and some in small groups of 3 or 4. No large groups nor cooperative feeding was observed.   I wonder if all the copious rains of late scatter the bait fish too, on which the loons and gulls feed. During periods of less rain the loons seem to form groups and feed more cooperatively, suggesting the presence of schools of bait fish. Perhaps these few much needed days of sun and dryness will make the bait fish a bit easier to find. In any case, the loons look calm and heathy, displaying no great sense of urgency as they go about their day. ~B


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