TOOTS, HOOTS, MAWS, AND CRAZED BATHING TOO! And you thought the wail was the loon’s only call. Au contraire! It’s been an extraordinary two weeks, in the company of dozens of loon-lovers, as we studied every nuanced sound and movement of loons on Lake Jocassee. 14 days of loon love, 10 days at 6 hours each day carefully watching loons, under the studied guidance of one of the country’s leading experts on loons and loon vocalization, Dr. Jay Mager. It’s been a time of extraordinary learning and camaraderie. And the crazed bathing! You’ve got to see it to believe it. 
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MID-MARCH TO MID-APRIL. This is one of the most exciting times of year for Jocassee bird lovers. It’s the time our Jocassee loons begin to depart, giving lucky viewers the opportunity to see them run across the lake wildly as they attempt to get their dense bodies airborne, and it’s the time for loons from parts further south to arrive, using Lake Jocassee as a resting place as they head to their breeding lakes far up north. Sometimes we’ve seen hundreds land in just an hour. And finally, our eagles are on the nest, and their eaglets will hatch and begin to squawk and squawk in less than a month. You could call the next 30 days the Season of Extraordinary Happenings. I intend to be out there, witnessing and recording the wonders of it all as much as I can. I hope you’ll join me. ~B

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