This is it! I feel it in my bones. Like some people feel the atmospheric pressure dropping and others feel the rains coming; I am certain that I can feel the coming of the wood frogs from under the forest leaf cover this week. All the ingredients for a mass migration to their favorite vernal pools are there. First of all, it’s early January, secondly there is copious rainfall in the forecast, and thirdly the rains are foretelling a winter warming front. That’s what wood frogs need for their hormones to say it’s time to go  a’dating. The males get to the ponds first, and commence with a racket  the likes of which you’ve never heard. (Refer to last week’s Blue Wall Weekly). It’s a noise that must sound like sweet music to the females, for into the ponds they hurriedly go. You know the rest of that story. It’s time to listen up, people. Time to keep a close eye on your neighborhood vernal pool. It can be nothing more just a deep rut in an old logging road, you know. 



LAKE REPORT. FROZEN OVER! Just kidding, but it might as well be since we didn’t get out onto the lake even once this week. Just too darned cold, we told ourselves, but we’re braving up today, Saturday morning, to take a few truly crazy types out to see and photograph the frozen wonderland we all expect to see. A balmy 33 degrees is the predicted high! It should be a chilling thrill. ~B


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